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  5. How Do We Consider the Rebuilding of People’s Lives in Fukushima?

2012 Vol.2
How Do We Consider the Rebuilding of People’s Lives in Fukushima?


There are 160,000 Fukushima residents who are forced to live away from their homes or hometowns one year after the earthquake disaster. Currently, 60,000 of them are living outside Fukushima Prefecture, and the number of evacuees continues to rise to this day. The out-ofprefecture evacuation is predominantly caused by the nuclear disaster, and the evacuees are living in regions where the climate and culture are different from those of their hometowns. It is difficult to focus on reconstruction in Fukushima. Instead, what must be urgently done is to restore the evacuees?fdaily lives while maintaining their rights and characteristics as citizens. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand the situations of the evacuees from the nuclear disaster area and their feelings at different periods since the earthquake disaster. Summarizing the results of the Survey of Evacuees from the Nuclear Disaster Area, which has been conducted three times since the earthquake disaster, this paper sheds light on obstacles in this area and considers the prospects of measures for overcoming them.