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2014 Vol.1
Directions of the Japanese Version of Private Sector Engagement in Biodiversit


As efforts progress toward the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Japan, the importance of private companies is likely to continue to grow. Private companies both depend on biodiversity and affect it, so they cannot be unconcerned about this issue. It is only natural that we expect private companies to make an active contribution. However, these are not the only reasons for private companies to play an increasingly important role. Japanese companies have a great deal of potential in terms of technology, funds, and awareness. Any discussion of the state of private sector engagement in biodiversity in Japan must begin with recognizing this potential. It is then necessary to consider what sort of mechanism would encourage proactive behavior from private companies.We should pay attention to trends in international initiatives and domestic realities when examining this question. While international attempts to quantify biodiversity are advancing, and companies in Japan are expanding their efforts, a number of issues have come to light. It is important to gather and analyze the facts on these issues and reflect them in our investigations. Also, while the concept of biodiversity is hard to grasp, we must not forget that this is the essence of biodiversity. After processing such information, this paper considers the direction that the private sector should take in biodiversity engagement. Then, we point out the importance of a biodiversity-oriented area, namely, enterprise partnerships that are a Japanese version of private sector engagement in biodiversity.This thinking is not necessarily revolutionary, and some companies are already taking the lead in getting involved. What will be most sought after from here forward will be the attitude to spread these activities widely without overlooking the seeds that have already sprouted.