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2009 Vol.2
New Intra-company Training Methodologies


The global recession has adversely affected a lot of companies’ business performances, but there are not a few companies that plan to continue investing in human resources development, including “intra-company training”. Because, there are many issues in the workplace that need to be addressed, such as (1) fostering executives in the next generation, (2) coping with the deteriorating consciousness of being a member of society and the dwindling desire to work, and (3) providing support for managers with increasing burdens. As such, it is no longer possible to leave the task of developing human resources to “on-the-job training” in the workplace. In addition, in order to increase the appeal of the company and raise the level of employee satisfaction (ES), enhancement of educational training programs is inevitable.
But as management environments and corporate business performances are deteriorating, any company is required to verify the cost effectiveness in planning for training programs through plan-do-check-act (PDCA). In order to make this effective, the following measures need to be devised more than ever for companies.
(1) In the company where a training system is formulated, a. establish an educational system and customize the training programs to the specific company’s fashion,
b. do not rely solely on the training programs, but build on a system in the company to follow up on training,
c. clearly measure the effects and PDCA in implementing training programs.
(2) For a professional educational institution, accumulate such abilities as
a. formulating a customized training program to meet the needs of each client, and
b. proposing a total solution rather than a one-time training plan.
Further, it is inevitable to submit a proposal which is truly effective in supporting the growth of the client.
This paper discusses new methodologies in formulating intra-company training programs with the aim of effectively enhancing human resources development.