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2009 Vol.2
Human Resources Cultivation for Regional Revitalization


How is it possible to nurture human resources that can revitalize local communities? This paper proposes specific measures to deal with this difficult problem, based upon actual project implementation. Recently, many “Regional IT projects” have popped up in various parts of the country, which, by making full use of information technology, will develop personal relationships among those sharing the same vision, and tackle regional issues that are difficult for local governments or enterprises to solve. What is fascinating is that new businesses have emerged from a number of such projects, and disseminated into other regions. In this paper, I have applied network theory to clarify such mechanisms. I also described the dynamic process in which an individual who, at first participating casually in a project, eventually became the leader of a new project, and functioned as a social entrepreneur. In a Regional IT project, management, which is imposed or commanded by any sort of authorities, does not work. Rather, it is important to lay out in the open the available resources (technology, expertise, personnel networks, etc.), and build norms of reciprocity and confidence among members. On the other hand, this project’s characteristic is that it needs a certain length of time to produce results. Thus, the leader must either design a platform where diverse group of people can collaborate and bring out benefits for both individuals and society, or have a point of view as an architect. This paper points out ways to create phronesis by combining case methods in undertaking regional issues with specific activities such as community renovation and volunteerism. I hope this paper will provide some assistance to those involved in the vitalization of communities or policy planning.