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2009 Vol.2
Support for schools through the school support regional headquarters


The aim of the school support regional program launched in fiscal 2008 is to solve various issues that public elementary and junior high schools now face. This measure is led by the voluntarily support groups organized among local people that desire to heighten the confidence of their regions and local families in school education, resulting in better school management rooted in the region, through urging residents’ participation in it.
At the same time, this measure is also to strengthen further the bond between the local residents, thereby increasing the educational ability of the overall region, and producing better education and child-rearing environments.
In Hokkaido, with the catch phrase “Shine! School Education Support Team in Hokkaido!” it was intended that the school support regional headquarters would be established in every community during fiscal 2008, and was almost accomplished. In addition, the Family Education Support Companies System, launched in September 2006, is also steadily expanding.
The School Support Regional Headquarters Program is a scheme to enhance further alliances among schools, families, and the region. It has the potential to transform the schools to educational organizations rooted in the region, and to create new educational and child-rearing cultures, while performing traditional school functions. In order not to terminate this effort as just a one-time activity, it seems necessary in the near future to establish such contents and means of education that the ability to adapt to society will be nourished. In addition, it is necessary to cultivate and secure a new teacher group to support this. Furthermore, it is also important to prepare fiscal support schemes and institute a legal base so that each School Support Regional Headquarters may function autonomously within each community.