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2009 Vol.3
Development Assistance and Technological Development


Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) has been ranked as 5th among bilateral donors, and Japanese aid has been channeled to developing countries through grant, technical assistance and loan. Japanese technical assistance is being implemented based on Japanese development experience in each sectors such as agriculture, industry, infrastructure, energy, education, government administration systems, etc. The developing countries have strong interest in Japanfs experience as the country in Asia started to develop after Europe and USA with successful catch-up. There have been Japanese technical assistance projects with remarkable success.
However, the Japanese technical assistance scheme is designed to provide the technology which is ready to transfer, and there are needs to develop appropriate technology adjusted to local technical levels, climate, environment and use of locally available materials. There is a need to allocate more resources for research and development activities for developing countries. The recent argument forguntied aidhamong European donors will have a conflicting factor with the idea of providing Japanese unique experience and technology.
As a country with technological advancement, Japan should contribute through technology, not necessarily high technology, but rather for low cost, low environment impact and easy-maintenance technology. The research and development activities are required to be strengthened to utilize Japanese strength for international contribution.