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2009 Vol.4
Interview from the “Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management”

with Yoshiharu Fukuhara (Honorary Chairman, Shiseido) and Iwao Nakatani (Director of Research, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting)


This special editor’s interview with Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Honorary Chairman of Shiseido was conducted in the form of a round table discussion with the participation of Iwao Nakatani, Director of Research of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting. Mr. Fukuhara is a business leader who has been actively making significant contributions to the advancement of art and culture, serving as the head of the Tokyo Council for the Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and Association for Corporate Support of the Arts. He also leads the supporting organization and Japanese management council for the House of Japanese Culture in Paris.
In addition, he holds numerous other important positions such as the head of the Japanese side of the club for Japanese and French business leaders, Kanagawa International Foundation, business coterie journal Hohodue, and Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival, as well as the honorary chairman of the All Japan Orchid Society and Japan Horticultural Society.
He is the author of around seventy books, including coauthored works and interviews. His major publications include Managing Cultural Assets (Diamond), My Multiple Lives (Iwanami Shoten), and Why People Read Books (Toyo Keizai).
In this interview, and together with Director of Research Nakatani, Mr. Fukuhara, with his experience of being involved in various cultural activities, discusses from a variety of angles the direction in which Japan should advance as a cultural nation.