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2011 Vol.1
Changing Corporate Management


The issues that small and medium-sized companies should address have become advanced and complex. Team-based management is needed to deal with such changes in the business environment. The Companies Act states that the relationship between a corporation and its board of directors should follow the provisions on entrustment. Therefore, the board members, to whom the corporation entrusts its management, are obliged to engage in their job with prudence as responsible administrators. Managers should pursue team management, but in really it is rarely realized. However, at the same time, there have been increasing demands for the advantages that team management offers. In this context, this paper discusses the need for the management in small and medium-sized companies to shift from one-man management by a charismatic executive to team management, and examines the direction of such change they should consider.
From a historical background, the main reasons behind the need for team management can be explained from the standpoint of legal requirements and changes in managerial issues. The most important factors of successful team management are clear goals, team leaders, abilities as a team, an understanding of the team character, and the creation of a discretionary environment. Also, it is team members that operate team management effectively. In addition, there are three concepts to be considered when executives of small and medium-sized companies engage in team-oriented management: action takers and supporters, art vs. science, and the handling of borders.
Even for a distinguished, capable manager there is a limit to what he or she can do alone. In other worlds, managing a company means creating a mechanism of having someone else do what one cannot do. Today’s management environment involves increasingly difficult challenges, and a shift from management conducted by a charismatic executive to team management becomes effective in corporate management.