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2011 Vol.1
A New Trend in Tourism Business


Against a backdrop of long-term economic stagnation, a decreasing population, and other unfavorable conditions, the tourism industry is now experiencing the quietly increasing popularity of travel designed for old travelers or travelers with disabilities who require barrier-free access. Such travels did not attract much attention, but it is considered that the market will provide significant, promising business opportunities for hotels and inns.
How can hotels and inns modify their business to make it appreciated by such travelers and increase earnings as well as contribute to improved social welfare? They may engage in targeted sales activities, make their facilities barrier-free, and provide training to their employees for serving targeted customers. However, these are not fundamental factors for success, but rather superficial ones.
Discussing the result of a questionnaire survey of hotels and inns on efforts under way to improve their service, this paper examines approaches and measures for dealing with this market, one of a handful of growing markets.