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2011 Vol.2
Climate Change and Biodiversity


Both climate change measures and biodiversity conservation are subjects that have been continually discussed since the 1990s. Discussions on both began at around the same time, but 20 years later there appears to be a significant gap in progress between the two issues. While efforts on climate change measures have expanded internationally as well as domestically and have substantial social and economic impacts, efforts on biodiversity conservation have just begun and numerous problems need to be solved in promoting them.
Part of the reason why there has not been considerable progress in efforts for biodiversity conservation is that biodiversity is strongly dependent on local characteristics, has many types of value, and involves complex causal relationships. Therefore, methods to evaluate it have not been adequately developed, and there is no international consensus regarding them. In such a situation, however, discussions focusing on the relationship between biodiversity and climate change have recently been promoted, and discussions for biodiversity conservation have begun under the framework of climate change negotiation which is well advanced. What significantly affects the direction of the discussions on biodiversity is REDD-plus, a variety of efforts to simultaneously achieve climate change measures and biodiversity conservation through promoting a reduction of deforestation and forest degradation. Although international agreement on detailed operational methodologies has not been fully reached, international expansion of REDD-plus activities is greatly anticipated. It is highly likely that efforts for biodiversity conservation, which have not progressed considerably, will accelerate under REDD-plus.
In this context, this paper focuses on “climate change and biodiversity”, discusses the relationship between them, and summarizes the process through which the proposal for REDD-plus was submitted. This paper also discusses the prospect of a process in which REDD-plus is expanded along with the concept of climate change and biodiversity being incorporated into the international community and market economy