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2011 Vol.4
Measures the Developers of Condominiums and Houses

Need to Pursue in the Post-Earthquake-Disaster Era


The Great East Japan Earthquake destroyed houses in the Tohoku region, caused soil liquefaction in coastal areas, and forced us to face the implementation of rolling blackouts and subsequent energy-saving measures due to limited electricity supplies. These circumstances have provided the real estate industry in the Kanto region opportunities to reexamine what real estate development and management should look like in the future.
The earthquake-related events and measures required have affected not only developers of condominiums, houses, offices, and commercial facilities, construction companies, and suppliers of relevant equipment, but also local governments in charge of area management as well as providers of funds such as financial institutions and investment funds. Concrete measures have already been implemented in various fields. Developers of condominiums and houses have started improving their buildings’earthquake resistance and reexamine their real estate management systems, while their focus in terms of sales is being placed on increased daily convenience and comfort for residents, as was the case before the earthquake disaster.
It is considered, however, that the developers of condominiums and houses need to pursue new measures in response to post-earthquake changes in the mindset of residents, as the earthquake disaster drastically shook their basic values. Based on a questionnaire survey independently conducted after the earthquake, this paper examines new measures that the developers of condominiums and houses need to pursue.