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2012 Vol.4
Has the ‘Edo Period’ Ended? The Structure and Prospect of Closed Politics


Since 2010, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting has offered the company`s researchers and consultants learning opportunities through the Ganryu Seminar to enhance their basic knowledge and enable them to provide interesting and insightful ideas to clients. To achieve this goal, the Ganryu Seminar is intended to be not merely a place for acquiring superficial knowledge or skills, but also a place where the participants can learn from each another as well as train themselves by engaging in themes that are connected to the reality and essence of issues.
In 2012, the theme for the Ganryu Seminar is “The Right Path for Japan.” The participants will picture the right future path for Japan by sharing their specialized knowledge and with consideration given to historical perspectives. Also, experts from outside the company have been invited to lecture, and the seminar participants can further their ideas about an ideal Japan through discussions with them.
Included in this issue of the journal is content from a lecture entitled ” Has the `Edo Period` Ended? The Structure and Prospect of Closed Politics,” given by Mr. Jun Yonaha, Associate Professor at Aichi Prefectural University, third invited lecturer at the Seminar. In passing, the lecture was given in conjunction with the group presentation given on the same day by the company`s employees that was based on the reading of Mr. Yonaha`s book entitled `Chinization` of Japan: The One-Thousand-Year History of the Conflict between Japanese and Chinese Civilizations.