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2012 Vol.4
A Prescription for the Survival of Small and Medium-Sized Companies


In a management environment encompassing a rapidly changing world economy and a shrinking domestic economy, which is sure to come, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maneuver small or medium-sized companies into successful future performance. How then is it possible to achieve sustained operation and lasting growth? The author believes that such times require a calm reexamination of the management environment, the creation and refinement of various strategies and measures, and swift action. Based on the author’s actual consulting work, this paper discusses key points in seven issues: understanding of the management environment, construction of strategies, development of new businesses, entry into new fields, development of overseas operations, organizational cultural reform and human resource development, and development and maintenance of a group management system. Taking no action in and of itself is a risk in this period of drastic changes. It is hoped that this paper offers an insight into how small and mediumsized companies should take advantage of their strengths and readiness in responding to the demands of the period.