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  5. What are Google’s Goals?:An Examination of Unparalleled Innovation

2013 Vol.3
What are Google’s Goals?:An Examination of Unparalleled Innovation


Future growth of the Japanese economy requires the creation of new value based on innovation. This paper focuses on Google, one of the world’s most innovative companies, and examines what the essence of innovation will be in the coming age by speculating on the goals that Google has for several of its projects. More specifically, thought experiments are performed to address such questions as is Google aiming to be the biggest player in the ebook market (regarding Google Books), does Google want to be the next Toyota (regarding its self-driving car), will Google Bank be realized in the near future (regarding its mobile payment service, Google Wallet),and is Google Glass a‘bad-looking’glass?
This paper identifies the following four characteristics in the challenges that Google has set itself: (1) making revolutionary changes pursued not from the supplier’s perspective, but by situating itself on the demand side, (2) promoting a”mashup”of the private and public sectors, (3) bringing about fundamental changes, rather than adding complements, to the existing social system, and (4)through its efforts, contributing to the advancement of mankind.
Google’s essential innovativeness is not found in its provision of individual new services, but in the fundamental changes it brings to social system design through these new services. These fundamental changes are a driving force for a new age and constitute a new strategy for growth. This paper refers to such innovation, undertaken in an unprecedented way, as”unparalleled innovation.”