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2017 Vol.1
The Effect of Green Infrastructure on the Local Economy


Green infrastructure will expand in Japan and in other parts of the world, and this expansion is expected to benefit humanity through allowing use of nature’s many functions. The effects of using such functions is often related to economic externalities. As internalization of these economic externalities occurs, turning social benefits into added value through the market, one can see that various agents are expected to benefit, directly or indirectly, from green infrastructure and to contribute to sustainable growth of local economies.
A quantitative understanding of the positive effects of green infrastructure on local economies would encourage various public and private entities to become more involved in activities related to green infrastructure because it would allow comparing the benefits with required costs (e.g., investment, maintenance, and upgrading costs) on both effect size and type. In other words, it is expected that even with increasingly constrained budgets, efforts to promote green infrastructure will be sustainable.
Reports from countries that are more advanced than Japan in terms of the prevalence of green infrastructure are showing the economic effects of green infrastructure investment and allowing quantitative examination of these effects.
In this context, this paper discusses some economic effects of green infrastructure and summarizes methods for quantitatively analyzing them.