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2017 Vol.1
Assessment of Public Green Infrastructure Projects


Green infrastructure (GI) is a relatively new concept related to maintenance of social capital and management of land use in ways that are intended to improve local economies and people’s quality of life by taking advantage of nature’s functions. GI has increasingly become part of national plans, which will result in it being promoted in public projects by relevant government agencies. Considering this trend, this paper focuses on issues that arise when examining measures for assessing public GI projects. Specifically, this paper considers three types of GI maintenance: (1) natural environmental protection, (2) disaster prevention and resource management in river basins, and (3) urban redevelopment. These are summarized in the context of existing public projects. In addition, this paper examines government agencies’ stated procedures for assessing public projects; summarizes the current status of these procedures in terms of whether they properly evaluate benefits from GI maintenance; and present ways to examine three issues needed for future creation of GI assessment measures. These issues are (1) establishment of assessment measures that cover GI in urban redevelopment, (2) reorganization of existing measures (based on their differences, benefits, etc.), and (3) creation of measures for assessing the social value of the “soft” side of GI.