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2017 Vol.3
Toward True Health-Oriented Management Conducted from a Business Point of View

A Framework for Increasing Corporate Value


Health-oriented management has attracted attention as a management style that is intended to increase corporate competitiveness and corporate value through investment in employee health. To recognize companies with excellent health-oriented management, the central government has initiated a program called the Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program for companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program for unlisted companies as well. Local governments also have started numerous programs that support companies in promoting health-oriented management. By promoting health-oriented management, an increasing number of companies have gained positive results such as more employees engaging in physical exercise, fewer instances of long working hours, and better work-life balance. It does not seem, however, that the true goal of healthoriented management.increased corporate competitiveness and value.has been achieved. Therefore, it will be important to investigate how companies can lead their efforts in health-oriented management to increased corporate value. This paper summarizes the circumstances behind the promotion of health-oriented management and the results of relevant efforts and proposes a framework for promoting the health of not only employees, but also customers and even local communities. By conducting health-oriented management from a business point of view, companies can improve their corporate value and brand.