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2017 Vol.4
Systematic Efforts to Promote Development and Appointment of Women Managers


Promoting active participation of women is an important management issue. Since the implementation of the Act for Promoting Women’s Active Participation in September 2015, there have been increasing opportunities to tackle the issue. Two main issues in promoting active participation of women: (1) continued employment and (2) skill performance and career development. Companies have an increasing number of female employees who continue to work by utilizing programs that support work-family balance. For these companies, the next challenge is to promote women’s skill performance and career development, especially, the development and appointment of women managers. The lack of female managers is sometimes attributed to issues on women’s side, including issues with skills and attitudes toward work. However, women’s skill development and willingness to move up the professional ranks are significantly affected by traditional employment management methods, as well as by the way in which tasks are assigned by superiors. This traditional approach is based on assumptions of full-time work, overtime, and men playing the central role. To increase the number of women managers, it is ideal to make systematic efforts that accelerate the trend of promoting women’s active participation by providing them with various opportunities and to aim at organizational improvement by continuously offering a workplace where both men and women can perform to their full potential. Promoting active participation of women has long been a subject of debate in corporate management, and the issue requires a prompt response. Companies must swiftly take effective measures according to the challenges they face and develop the leaders that their future will depend on.