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2018 Vol.1
Mainstreaming of biodiversity: Challenges and Prospects


Based on the discussions held at the first to tenth meetings of Biodiversity Collaboration Forum, this paper provides an overview of the discussion of biodiversity in Japan after COP 10, summarizes the currently recognized issues and the approaches to solutions, and clarifies points of discussion for promoting future efforts toward biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource use. The idea of cooperation and collaboration among various actors that was put forward at the Forum has underlain various regional efforts to bring biodiversity issues into the mainstream: sharing of knowledge, technology, and awareness of a wide range of stakeholders in biodiversity issues has been promoted, and various actors have been encouraged to participate in activities as members of society, utilizing the strengths of some to cover the weaknesses of others. Also, recent years have seen a growing trend in environmental measures for biodiversity conservation requiring an approach in which these measures are taken in combination with solutions to various society-wide issues such as the economy and disaster prevention/mitigation. Greater cooperation and collaboration among various actors is needed in promoting approaches that solve a wide range of society-level issues with efforts for biodiversity conservation as starting points. It is therefore necessary to utilize the network, knowledge, and methods that have been developed through the Forum by various actors and to involve a new framework in efforts.