Environmental Policy

Environmental Declaration

As a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, we believe that it is our responsibility to implement measures to help solve or mitigate the environmental issues that we face on a global scale as we use our expertise in creating pioneering intellectual value to become an influential force in improving the lives of our customers and contributing to the further development of society. We have therefore created this environmental policy and declare that all executives and employees of MURC will, through their business activities, do their utmost to reduce environment impact and help find solutions to these environmental problems.

Environmental Action Policy

  1. Protecting the environment
    We will, as part of our research, consulting, and other business activities, actively formulate proposals, create solutions, state opinions, and provide information and data that contribute to improving the environment and reducing environmental impact, with the aim of becoming an influential force in the environment field.
  2. Reducing environmental impact
    All executives and employees of MURC will be aware of the impact they themselves have on the environment and will have a thorough understanding of how they can help prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact as members of society. Based on this understanding, each person will take responsibility for and make every effort to reduce the environmental impact of their own business activities and take action to improve the environment.
  3. Complying with laws and regulations
    We will comply with all environmental laws, regulations, and protocols to which we are a signatory.
  4. Implementing organizational measures for continued improvement
    We will correctly recognize the environmental aspects of our business activities and implement PDCA (plan, do, check, act) cycles to promote continued improvement in our environmental management systems.
    These cycles will include formulating management action plans that specify objectives and targets for achieving compliance with our environmental policy (plan), implementing these action plans (do), periodically auditing and reviewing our environmental management systems (check), and taking steps to implement the results of these audits and reviews (act).
  5. Raising awareness and ensuring that all employees take action
    We will make sure that our environmental policy is thoroughly known and understood by all executives and employees and will implement environmental training and education to ensure all executives and employees take action to protect the environment in both their business and activities and private lives.
  6. Communication
    We will broadly communicate this environmental policy both within the company and to the general public in order to raise awareness of the urgent need to take action to protect the environment and encourage people to take such action.
  7. June 28, 2021
    Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.
    Masakazu Ikeda, President