We provide a variety of services and solutions centered on think tank and consulting businesses.


  • Management Strategy
    We help clients to deal with the various management challenges that arise from an ever-changing business climate. We also bring to bear MURC's strength in long-term projection to assist with growth strategies.
  • Organizational and HR Strategy
    We provide various solutions based on the latest theories to help companies make effective use of their human resources. In addition to supporting clients in system-building and personnel management, we also offer a range of HRD (training) programs.
  • Digital Innovation
    Drawing on the latest digital technology utilization insights and our abundant consulting experience, MURC not only resolves the various issues that organizations face but also proposes means of building the robust management foundations that open the way for next-generation strategies.
  • International (Global Business / Development Support / International Strategy / Global Health)
    MURC provides policy recommendations on international development issues and assists with global business strategy for private businesses. We take advantage of the MUFG network to offer proposals for companies’ international expansion.
  • Sustainability (Environment / Resources / Energy / ESG / Human Rights)
    We draw on a broad range of the latest insights to provide a whole spectrum of corporate consulting and policy recommendations for a sustainable future.
  • Coexistence and Diversity
    Against the background of changing social structures and local communities, MURC provides policy recommendations for building new systems and frameworks to accommodate changes and help organizations promote women’s empowerment, achieve work-life balance, and manage diversity.
  • Governance Risk Compliance and Disaster Management (Policy)
    MURC proposes measures that companies and local authorities should take to prepare for contingencies, along with governance systems that should be developed during normal times to build resilience.
  • Economy / Industry / Employment / Labor
    We provide valuable macroeconomic information to the public, and we use the latest insights in relation to various issues including administrative and fiscal policy, taxation, employment and labor, and intellectual property rights to provide a broad range of recommendations.
  • Medical and Nursing Care / Welfare / Education
    MURC provides various policy recommendations on medical and nursing care, welfare, and education, as well as making proposals on digital-based hospital management reform and healthcare, etc.
  • Local Government Management / Public-Private Collaboration
    MURC makes recommendations on the many issues facing local government. In addition to analysis, planning, local industry promotion, and public facility management, we propose local government digital transformation (DX) using insights from corporate DX.
  • Town Planning / Tourism / Transportation / Sports / Smart Cities
    We make recommendations on town planning and housing policy based on insights from smart city frontrunners. We also address tourism resource utilization and ways to exploit sports, culture, and other local charms.
  • Natural Resources / Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries / Food Systems
    We make policy proposals for utilizing natural resources, including agricultural, forestry, and fisheries products, food, and forests.