Shaping the Future with the Power of Insight

The world faces seemingly limitless challenges of unimaginable complexity.
We will rise up to these challenges and continue on our quest for a better future.

Grounded in our strong belief in the future of humanity and society,
we will draw on our access to a wide array of expertise to become the hub of a network of intellectual resources,
together creating frontrunning intellectual value that embraces both romanticism and realism.

Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting

Embracing Both

Romanticism and Realism

Grounded in Humanism

Grounded in our trust in humanity and society, we will create frontrunning intellectual value that embraces both romanticism and realism to shape a brighter future.

Think tank and Consulting Services

MURC resolves various issues in leading-edge and other areas using the deep insight and approaches arising from the hybridization of two pools of knowledge—one deriving from our function as a policy and industry think tank and the other from our management and functional consulting work.

Japan’s Best Collective

Knowledge in

Professional Team

Economists who analyze the macroeconomy from multiple perspectives from the local through to the global. Researchers bringing to bear their great expertise to support policymaking and implementation. Consultants with vast experience and strong track records in an array of fields.

Believing in the future and with high aspirations, we will steadily resolve societal challenges in a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing.