2009 Vol.3 The Frontiers of Technologies and Industries

Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management
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The Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management is a quarterly magazine of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting.

Special Edition : The Frontiers of Technologies and Industries

Manufacturing in Japan: A Cultural Perspective
Yukio Shimura

Radical Innovation and Its Present-Day Significance
Itsuro Kaneko

Open Innovation: A chance to innovate intellectual property strategy of Japanese Corporations
Hiromitsu Watanabe

Serendipity and Management of Technology
Hiroshi Miyanaga

The Frontier of Environmentally Sound Business Management
Shinichiro Sano

Pro-Innovation Management in the Manufacturing Industry
Kazuya Ishio, Tomofumi Taniguchi, Chikara Endo, Hirokazu akanishi

Characteristics and Issues of Japan’s Public Support System for Research and Development
Hiroko Ueno

An Analysis of Britain’s Creative Industries Policy: Creativity and Design in the Context of Policies
Yoshiyuki Oshita

Development Assistance and Technological Development
Hidekazu Tanaka, Izumi Takei

The Space Frontier and Japan’s Long-Term Focus
Hisanori Nagao

Interview from the “Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management” -Katsuhiko Shirai, President of Waseda University

Think tank Report

Procedural Reforms for White-Collar Operations Such As Sales in the Age of Cloud Computing and SaaS
Yoichi Shimamoto