2011 Vol.3 Rebuilt Japan

Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management
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The Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management is a quarterly magazine of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting.

Special Edition : Rebuilt Japan

How can Japan be Rebuilt?
Iwao Nakatani

After the Earthquake Disaster
Yoichiro Murakami

An Era of a Major Shift: Civilizational Implications of a Catastrophic Earthquake
Keishi Saeki

Give Capitalism a Chance
Makoto Mitsuya

An Examination of the Post-Earthquake Recovery from Local Perspectives
Kosuke Motani

The Japanese Economy Moving toward Reconstruction
Shinichirou Kobayashi

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Future of Japan: From the Perspective of Japan’s Reconstruction
Kenichi Kobayashi

Potential to Shift toward New Lifestyles as a Response to this Spring’s Earthquake Disaster
Hitoshi Sakurai

The Importance of a Business Continuity System for Local Governments as Revealed by Previous Disaster Responses

The Approach of Companies to Crisis Management
Masashi Komoike

Lessons Organizational Members Should Learn from the Nuclear Plant Disaster
Hiroki Nato

Reconsidering the Communication Strategies of Electric Power Companies
Akiko Matsuda

Koto Katari Marketing: What Urban General Merchandise Stores Need to Pursue in the Post-Earthquake Disaster Period
Chisa Suzuki