2011 Vol.4 Rebuilt Japan Part2

Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management
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The Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management is a quarterly magazine of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting.

Special Edition : Rebuilt Japan Part2

Ideological Map of the Post-Earthquake-Disaster Era
Eiji Oguma

Post-Earthquake-Disaster Era: Reevaluation of Japan’s Capability
Michiko Hasegawa

The Great East Japan Earthquake and a Civilizational Shift
Kazuo Mizuno

Post-Earthquake-Disaster Reconstruction and Dispersion of Risks Associated with Capital City Functions
Yusuke Kinoshita, Kohei Kiyotani

Visualization of Kizuna, the Bonds of Friendship, Supporting the Post-Earthquake Society
Takashi Iwata, Hiroshi Nagayanagi

Proposal for Post-Earthquake Town Reconstruction through an Environmental Approach
Katsuji Nagai

Introduction of Microgrids to Reduce the Risk of Losing Regional Electricity Supply
Masakazu Aono

Measures the Developers of Condominiums and Houses Need to Pursue in the Post-Earthquake-Disaster Era
Shiro Yoshihara