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Message from the President Director

Takeshi Nakashima President Director

Takeshi Nakashima
President Director

“If you learn in your youth, you will achieve something in middle age. If you learn in middle age, you will not wilt in your old age. If you learn in old age, your name and contribution will be remembered even after your death.“ by Issai Sato

PT. MU Research and Consulting Indonesia (MURCI) is the Indonesian subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, the comprehensive think tank arm of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Having launched consulting and research services in ASEAN and Oceanian countries, particularly Indonesia, in 2001, we have been growing together with our corporate clients of various industries and sectors as well as public organizations through our support for their business expansion and development.

Constantly improving ourselves and learning through hard work with our clients, our accumulated knowledge and experience will be of use to our client’s future growth. We will provide a wide range of support from a unique local perspective to help our client take further steps forward and thrive in the local business.


MURCI located in Indonesia which is one of the world’s top investment destinations, MURCI support global companies in expanding their business operations into Indonesia, other ASEAN countries and Oceania. We provide wide range of consulting services to public and private sector clients for more than 20 years, including industry surveys, business strategy development, governance system development, HR systems development, company rule preparation, restructuring and turn around, and liquidation.

Based on its strong capability of gathering appropriate information and analytical skills with its local customs and strong network, MURCI provides consulting service with Japanese quality for growing global companies’ value.

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Job Opportunities at MURCI

We are looking for passionate individuals with a willingness to grow and a real drive to make a difference for our clients. Join our team to make your unique skillset shine and discover a priceless working experience!

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What We Do

MURCI’s consultants provide a broad spectrum of services based on their expert knowledge and experience across various industries.


Support system throughout ASEAN


Support according to the stage of overseas expansion


Business Strategy
Management System,HR System

Our People

Meet MURCI’s talented team of consultants who work with you to create value.

Takeshi Nakashima
Takeshi Nakashima
President Director

Brings to bear extensive experience in overseas business planning, business development, cross-border M&As, and support for Japanese companies considering entry into the Indonesian and ASEAN markets, etc. Since joining MURCI as Director, he has engaged in market exit support, organizational restructuring, profitability improvement, business process optimization, public research projects, and other business support.

Mariko Nakajima
Mariko Nakajima

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in HR systems, organizational management, and market research in Japan, ASEAN and Europe, she has been providing consulting and advisory services to Japanese and other foreign companies in Indonesia since 2008.

Latest Reports and Activities

November 2021 European Union-funded ARISE+ Indonesia project “Assessment of the Pharmaceutical Sector Ecosystem in Indonesia”
September 2021 Joint webinar with the JETRO Jakarta Office, “Personal Information Protection Regulations in Major ASEAN Countries”
March 2021 JICA “Survey on National Universities and Research Institutes in Indonesia”
December 2020 JETRO Jakarta Office “Indonesia Education (EdTech) Industry Survey”
December 2020 Report: “Unicorn Companies in Indonesia: Overview, Market and Opportunities
October 2020 Report: “Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Industry”
August 2020 Report: “Prospects for an Integration Platform for Multimodal Logistics Services”
June 2020 Report: “Indonesia Real Estate Market Conditions Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic”
April 2020 Report: “2019 Performance of the Indonesian Automotive Industry”
March 2020 Report: “Overview of Indonesian Regulations and Tax System”
February 2020 Report: “Muslim Fashion in Indonesia”


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