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We are engaged in a wide range of projects including research and proposals on policies of national and local governments, various supports for private enterprises, and research and proposals on macroeconomics.


From large corporations to major mid-sized companies and small and medium enterprises, we provide our clients with corporate strategy consulting services covering a wide range of interrelated areas, including management strategy, marketing strategy, human resources strategy, and management systems. Operating out of offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, our consultants—180 at last count—are committed to applying their practical skills and professional know-how to provide clients with the detailed support necessary for effective and efficient project execution.

Global Business

Acting as a one-stop service center for our client’s international business, we provide a wide range of services including: ●consulting services for global business/operations (e.g., strategic planning for overseas business, M&A advice, support for overseas business expansion/reorganization/withdrawal, business operational audits, and human resources consulting); ●development and expansion of overseas marketing channels; ●research and studies covering many regions and countries around the world, including developing countries; ●publications related to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act; ●credit analysis report on foreign companies; and ●foreign trade and overseas investment consulting. For overseas customers, we provide market research and business matching service.

Policy Research

The economy, along with industry and commerce; national land planning and regional policy; health, welfare, and the environment; education and culture; and all manner of related administrative and budgetary reforms—a diverse set of challenges face policymakers in Japan, the world, and the regions within it. We offer a number of services to assist these leaders, including research and background surveys, decision-making support, and strategy/policy formulation. Working out of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, a team of 150 multidisciplinary professional researchers utilize their specialized knowledge and practical proficiency to support local governments and a variety of other public and private organizations as they formulate measures to address such challenges.

Human Resource Development

In Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, we operate management leader academies for corporate executives, corporate successors, and other business leaders, and we hold seminars that are useful for domestic and international business. We also dispatch consultants to client premises to organize and implement in-house training programs, covering all aspects of employee education and training from planning through execution and final assessment. Similarly, for leading companies, we provide planning and operational support for large-scale self-directed training programs and senior management development programs.

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