2011 Vol.1 Diversification of Corporate Activities

Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management
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The Quarterly Journal of Public Policy & Management is a quarterly magazine of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting.

Special Edition : Diversification of Corporate Activities

Small and Medium-Sized Companies: Current Conditions and Prospects of Improved Management
Rei Tsuruta

Business Sentiment Reflected in Statistical Data
Masayuki Goto

Sustainable Corporate Management from the Standpoint of Corporate Gene Inheritance
Yasuo Ikeda

Changing Corporate Management
Yukihiro Adachi

Making Small and Medium-Sized Companies Attractive to Young People
Takuji Hiroishi

The Future of Japan’s Manufacturing
Yuri Manago, Yusuke Kishita

“Craftsman-like” Manufacturing by Small and Medium-Sized Companies Based on Japanese Sensibility
Shinya Nagasawa

Environmental Business of Small and Medium-Sized Companies
Miyuki Konuma

Issues in Hospitals’ Organizational Revitalization Measures and the Implementation of Personnel Systems
Kinji Kimura

Think tank Report

A New Trend in Tourism Business
Yuji Kuroda, Takeshi Nakashima, Yusuke Miyanaga